Due to Corona-Pandemic we have installed some new procedures / regulations to minimize contacts and follow the distance-rules:

  • Please enter our office only if You´ve got an appointment.
    Don´t come early.
  • Please leave Your mask on until You´ve reached the treatment room.
  • If You have symptoms like cough, fever..... or had contact with infected people, please let us know already when You phone.
  • Accompanying persons, please do not enter the office.
  • Follow-up-appointments should be made by phone, not at the reception.
    As this will make it more difficult to reach oue receptionist personally,
    PLEASE MAKE USE OF THE ANSWERING MACHINE (english: 07031-26 15 56
  • As transmission happens mostly by breathing, coughing but ALSO with the spray-mist, that some of our devices produce, we try not to use such devices whenever possible. This will increase the time we need especially for cleanings and will therefore increase the costs too, as do the "exploding" prices for masks, deinfectants and gloves !

Dr. K.u.M. Frommer




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